Mini Sluice For Fine Gold Recovery


A simple, low buck set-up for separating fine gold from concentrates or screened pay dirt.
Breaks down into easily stacked and stowed components. Many items used here can be
found in dumpsters or at construction sites.
Ribbed black matting or similar; usually sold in three foot widths.
Rain gutter; two to three feet in length, fitted with ribbed black matting.
End cap for the gutter; with slot or hole to accept hose from pump.
Hint: The ends caps on plastic gutter install much easier with soapy water.
Submersible 100-200 gallon per hour pond pump or similar.
A Beckett 120 volt submersible pump @130 gph maximum
volume was used on this setup as shown. (
To protect pump; a coffee can or similar to catch the sediments.
Plastic hose or similar; size as needed for pump, length: five feet. To even
out the water flow a diverter plate can be installed at the top of the sluice.
Plastic buckets; one for pump etc and one for supporting the sluice.
Power supply; 12 volt or 120 volt with GFI (ground fault interrupt).
2"x6", 1"x2" and 1/4"doweling or similar cut to size to support sluice.
Water of course, with a few drops of dish soap added to keep small flakes
of gold from floating.
Have fun and find gold!

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