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Small Portable Sluice

The most common size of portable gold sluices seems to be three feet in length and one foot in
width. This is the best compromise in fine gold recovery and reasonable portability. This sluice
will handle an increase in water flow due to taller 8 inch side rails and in turn an increase in the
rate of processing of gold-bearing material.
This sluice is based on the idea of being simple in design and methods of construction. No cutting
torch or arc welder involved; only hand tools or lightweight power tools. Since all of the
wood cuts are cross cuts, the only large power tool I used is a radial arm saw. If you don't have a
radial arm saw a hand saw, circular saw or router can be used to make the cuts and riffles.
For cutting carpet and ribbed matting, a sharp utility knife or heavy duty scissors works well.
Galvanized nails or deck screws can be used to assembly the pieces together but, since the wood
is relatively thin, predrill all holes to reduce splitting. A cordless drill with a quick-change bit
system is a real time saver on this type of project.

The first foot of sluice is ribbed rubber matting, the second foot is expanded metal grate on top
of carpet or miner's moss and the third foot is riffles cut into the wood.  A variation on the riffles
is to use wood or plastic quarter-round trim available at any home improvement store.
The expanded metal grate acts as a method to hold the carpet in place and the grate is held in
place by foot long clamps along the bottom of the side rails. The clamps are held in place by
machine screws that protrude through the clamps and side rails and are secured on the outside
of the side rails with wing nuts. This setup provides for easy disassembly and removal of the carpet
during cleanup. The clamps can be made of wood, pvc or metal.
Also shown is a screen that fits between the first two braces and on top of the side rails.
This allows the prospector to shovel directly into the sluice and prescreen the gravel in one step.
Prescreening helps in the recovery of gold by eliminating large rocks that could tear up the
sluice and dislodge any gold already recovered. The screen is easily removed and dumped when
full. Have a great time and find gold! 


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