Gold Sluice

Gold Sluice Plans

Large Gold Sluice

How to build a gold sluice using basic hand tools and/or lightweight power tools.

A quick, easy project that costs next to nothing to build and increases the recovery rate

of gold. Length is a matter of preference. A longer sluice recovers more gold but a shorter

one is more portable. On larger sluices, the side rails should be made taller to handle more

water flow and more material. Each riffle is comprised of several saw kerfs placed closely

together. The total number of riffles is left up to the maker. The last riffle is the largest and

serves as a nugget trap. Predrill all nail holes to prevent wood from splitting. Use of screws

would allow disassembly for ease of transport and storage. After assembly, use caulk to seal

any gaps. Ribbed matting is simply attached at the leading edge.

Carrying handle (1x2 cut to length) can be placed anywhere between or on top of the side

rails. Add paint to waterproof (pieces should be painted before assembly) or use as-is.

Wear eye protection when using any tools. Have fun and find gold!

Completed sluice. Total length is about 18 inches.

A sluice this size is easy to carry to remote areas and over difficult terrain. The gold bearing

material should be pre-screened and fed at a low rate. That way the gold has a better chance

to settle out in the relatively short distance it travels through this sluice. The sluice needs to

be adjusted at a slight downward angle to allow the water flow to separate the materials.

The lightweight blond sand should be washing away while the heavier black sand and gold

are trapped in the riffles. If the riffles fill up quickly with lightweight material, the angle or

the flow of water needs to be increased. A large rock positioned on top of the sluice will keep

it from being swept downstream.


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